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Learn more about the Nebraska farmers and families that are growing your food. Learn where to find their products and how to Buy Fresh Buy Local today!

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4th generation farmers in Omaha

Grab your pals and head to Wenninghoff Farm in Omaha. What started out as a farmer selling his wares during the Depression years, has become a family business that has been selling produce on-the- farm for the last 60 years. Their on-site farmers' market is open 7 days a week!

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Capturing the flavor of Nebraska

Fred and Laurinda Baumann of Sicily Creek Jelly and Produce know how to grow great veggies and fruits. They have also mastered the art of preserving those oh-so-sweet flavors of Nebraska-grown fruits by transforming them into delicious jams and jellies.

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"I believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat healthy, wholesome food."

Daniel Hromas of Prairie Pride Acres raises grassfed beef, pasture-raised pork and fresh garden produce in Grand Island, Nebraska. His passion for raising and sharing healthy, nourishing food is contagious - stop by and see him at the Sunday Farmers' Market in Lincoln.

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"Your outdoor, all-Nebraska, grocery store"

Do your weekly shopping Sundays at the Omaha Farmers' Market in Baxter Arena, Parking Lot 26! Veggies, check. Fruits, check. Bread, check. Meat, check. Cheese, check. Special treats you can ONLY FIND at a farmers' market, check!

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