Chocolate Chip Scones - Verity Wegener

Chocolate Chip Scones - Verity Wegener (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Hot dry Sunday,
It seems too early to move,
Yet I walk down to the Farmer's Market

The scent of fresh fruits and veggies,
Wafts up to my nose,
Colored tents line the side of the road.

We pass bundles of flowers
Piles of tomatoes,
Crates of apples.

There are baskets of eggplants,
Bushels of corn,
And rows of celery.

And hidden away,
Tucked right smack dab in the middle of the row, Lies a baker's prize of Scones.

They are as light as can be,
And warm as well,
To me, the tastiest thing around.

Chocolate chips melting,
Smearing my hands,
I'm begging for more than a half dozen

This bakery produces
The most delicious
And local pastries.

And right nearby is
The freshest part of the market, Chocolate Chip Scones.

And next Sunday
All I can think about
Are those Chocolate Chip Scones.

Those appetizing, alluring Chocolate Chip Scones.

What more
To ask for?