Steak For Supper - Josie Sanders

Steak for Supper - Josie Sanders (Alliance, Nebraska)

                                                On the way to my home,                        

                                                many miles from town,

                                                livestock cover the hills,

                                                like a thick, heavy gown.


                                                My family raises cattle,

                                                we produce lots of meat.

                                                But sustaining the calves

                                                is no easy feat.


                                                Thousands of dollars

                                                on feed is what we spend.

                                                Plus, sickness and injuries

                                                we must always help mend.


                                                Hay, corn, and grain,

                                                the list long and stable.

                                                We keep the cattle strong,

                                                to put good steaks on your table.



                                                Hours of work,

                                                blood, sweat, and tears.

                                                We fill up our freezers,

                                                with enough hamburgers for years.


                                                So, take a moment to think,

                                                next time you’re at the store.

                                                And maybe you’ll smile,

                                                for that’s what ranchers work so hard for.